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Our commercial allies

Descartes System Group Inc

descartes1Leading provider of technologic solutions that help companies by the effective and efficient management of product delivery. Descartes Products and services are used by more than 2,500 customers in more than 60 countries, in industries such as retail, customer goods, manufacture, transportation, distribution, 3PL, etc. The company is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol DSGX; on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol DSG.


accellos1The company that has developed solutions for warehouse management, allowing companies to maximize efficiency in their operations, increase their productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service. Accellos solutions can be integrated with leading ERPs such as Microsoft Dynamics suite, SAP Business One, Sage Accpac, and Pro, providing a warehouse with total and complete control over the supply chain. This company counts on more than 3,000 customers around the world.


here1A global leader in digital maps and localized services with more than three decades of experience in cartography. They count on more than 6,000 people and are present in more than 56 countries. Their map data is updated, precise, and reliable, considering that these are made by experts and continuously updating. 

XSales® Mobility

xsales1XSales® Mobility is a company with more than 15 years of experience developing mobile solutions to automatize sales forces. Its XSales® solution suite allows both execution and control of different mobile sales force roles in any type of company and it has been used in more than 15,000 routes of leading companies in Latin America and the Caribbean.


toolsgroupThe leading provider at a global scale with a great experience on demand analysis, inventory optimization, and planning software for the supply chain.


ekontrol1e-kontrol is a company specialized in designing, implementing, and integrating logistics systems under high standards and international certifications regarding quality, innovation, and profitability as well. Its headquarters are in Mexico, from where it attends consultancy projects and their implementation for that country and for other markets of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Tracker GPS

trackergps1Leading company with more than 17 years of experience in Latin America, providing a cutting-edge technology that offers real-time control, tracking, and positioning of goods and people. Tracker GPS products are designed to reduce operational costs, increase security,

and control clients’ effectiveness.


RF Code

rfcode1It provides solutions regarding assets inventory and positioning in a great variety of environments. These use 433 MHz active tags and readers. All radio frequency devices are certified according to FCC part 15 Class A. RF Code complies with the BSR INCITS 371.2 international standard for RTLS Systems, in which 433 MHz air protocols are defined.