México, DF – Noviembre, 2014

The Mexican National Chemical Industry Association (ANIQ) represents more than 95% of chemical private production in Mexico, in which more than 220 companies in this field take part. This association has a logistics and transport commission, whose objective is to provide necessary elements to unions for operational management inside the value chain can reach the highest efficiency and competitiveness regarding law and norm compliance, promoting responsibility in transport.

SKU Logistics had the opportunity to participate on November in the monthly event for its members presenting its solutions to optimize transportation systems, which contribute reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Nowadays, the chemical industry offers society a saving of two tons gas emission for each ton emitted in production processes. If a global agreement is achieved, for the year 2030 this amount will increase to four tons saved for society for each emitted ton. For this reason, the chemical industry is facing great challenges to fight climate change.