USA, Colorado & Minnesota – Julio, 2014
Accellos y HighJump Software, main global providers of management software in the supply chain, announced their agreement to become fused, creating a market leader with 11,000 customers in 23 countries with operations in North America, Asia, and Europe. The combination of these two companies creates a variety of products that are in an ideal position to satisfy retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and logistics service provider´s needs to manage complex order cycles and collaborate with supply chain partners.

Accellos and HighJump’s combination gathers a unique group of technology, among which are warehouse management, transportation management, delivery routes management, and others. This creates an opportunity for customers to operate with an only technology provider with an adaptable infrastructure for omnichannel supply chain management and all size organizations.

This merged company will operate under the name HighJump and continue to use the Accellos brand for supply chain market. Accello´s founder and CEO, Michael Cornell has been appointed this merger’s CEO.

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