Highjump 3PL WMS

Accellos products have been providing solutions to the cold storage Warehouse Industry since 1989. “Highjump 3PL WMS” was originally designed for warehouses with multiple temperatures, becoming the leading provider in this sector. Nowadays, Accello’s customers represent 56% of the cold storage warehouses in the USA and 44% of the cold storage warehouses at a global level.


Some functions of the “Highjump 3PL WMS” are:

  • Blast Freezer Management
  • Detection and control of expiration date, manufacture date, and reports
  • Temperature management
  • Expenses depending on the type of temperature storage
  • Record of the production number and reports
  • Data source export management
  • Control in batches
  • Rules based on the assignment functionality
  • Recall history
  • Weight detection
  • Temperature follow-up
  • Quality assurance / inspections / temperature monitoring
  • FDA Compliance
  • Compliances based on the consignee’s requirements