AccellosOne Enterprise for Logistics Operators (3PL) provides its users with a flexible Warehouse Management System that allows the company to operate in a dynamic environment in order to increase accuracy, productivity, and efficiency inside the warehouse.



Highjump 3PL WMS

Our solution provides multiple alternatives to facilitate the information flow inside and outside the warehouse in real time, offering different automation levels that go from data transmission through radio frequency, up to incoming and outgoing operation management on paper. This solution supports Electronic Data Interchange (EDI/B2B) as well as NO-EDI transactions.


With Highjump 3PL WMS you can:

  • Manage every customer needs with several automation levels while they work simultaneously inside the same warehouse
  • Optimizing product operation and document delivery
  • Make the most of the information in real time and the advanced processes needed to reach the best performance in 3PL operations
  • Increase productivity while reducing workforce costs
  • Improve the customer service satisfactorily