The new administration and management strategies include, among the companie’s main priorities, the need for improving the internal operations to manage your warehouse and the adequate design of your distribution centers through WMS.






Our variety of solutions to optimize the warehouse management:

  • Controlling and monitoring the warehouse’s internal operations through the “Highjump Warehouse Edge” solution, which automatizes, speeds up, and monitors every one of the warehouse’s internal process. The system monitors each arrival and departure within the warehouse, from its reception until its final dispatch, taking the operations to the highest efficiency and accuracy. Relevant information about the inventory is continuously updated
  • In a dynamic environment, the logistics operators need to improve the accuracy, productivity, and efficiency inside the warehouse. “Highjump 3PL WMS” provides these companies with the necessary tools to operate a profitable business. It provides a group of Apps, facilities, workforce, and equipment
  • In the refrigerated warehouse industry, “Highjump 3PL WMS” was designed for warehouses which handle multiple temperatures, making it the leading provider in this sector