Maximizing the seller’s routes means more sales and higher profitability. For this reason, it is important to make the most of the seller’s working time on the streets, complying with an optimized and planned geographical route


 Before  Optimized Route Route Planner Roadshow
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It is a tool that will guarantee an efficient and quick route planning for your sellers and merchandiser. It optimizes the routes according to your customer’s requirements and location. This solution creates balanced routes according to parameters, considering the potential sales value of individual and eventual customers, as well as the travel time to establish equal sales opportunities for all the sellers.





Productivity increase:

  • Increase the number of daily visits of your sales people
  • Reduce mileage and travel time
  • Automatically generate routes for sales people according to the customer’s schedules and length of service time

Customer service improvement:

  • Makes the call center job easier
  • Improve appointment speed for clients
  • Automatically optimize the order in which clients are visited