One of the main trends of sales is the sales force automation or the use of new technologies in order to make personal sales and sales management more effective regarding costs.



It is a standard, changeable, and constantly evolving solution that allows the consumer goods companies automatize its distribution to its sales people (sales people, supervisors, merchandisers, and managers). It optimizes the processes of sales execution, business & marketing, and logistics and management of business assets.


It has a highly approved implementation methodology that identifies the critical success factors in each stage and creates specific and countable activities that guarantee a successful implementation according to the expected results, allowing the following:



  • To extend the company’s market, credit, and business policies to the field through mobile devices
  • To increase the sales, the cross-selling relationship, the brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction
  • Makes the monitoring of the sales force operations easier, as well as the closure process (including outsourced distribution)
  • To help global companies by standardizing and controlling their key processes in the different locations. It is able to consider the market’s demands, their business rules, and also their tax regulations