The abler the companies are to manage logistics in coordination with the execution of the marketing and sales programs, the more successful the marketing strategies will be.

SKU logistics offers solutions to optimize the sales processes, increasing the company’s productivity






Our solutions are designed to:

  • Strategically plan the sales territories through the “Roadshow Sales & Territory Planner” solution. This allows balancing the sales territories to maximize sales, adjust workloads, and reduce costs for order fulfillment
  • Optimize the sales route for sellers and marketers, “Route Planner Roadshow”. This solution will provide an effective planning of the sellers and marketer’s visit routes, generating a higher productivity in sales, higher incomes, and a better customer service
  • Control the seller’s execution through “AVL & Mobile” tracing the sales force’s route (sellers and marketers), and generating indicators and alarms on performance (KPI)
  • Automatize the distribution as well as the sellers (supervisors, marketers, managers) through a mobile software specialized for consumer goods companies, the “XSales”