The efficient management of the routes demands the development and implementation of two main phases:

  • Effectively Develop a starting plan to meet the needed customer truck usage.
  • Setting and adjustment of the starting plan to make it reflect real world dynamics




SKU Logistics offers specialized solutions for each segment to plan and optimize the routes:



Our routing and planning solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Global Experience / Confirmed Results: Recent studies conducted by the firm ARC, rank Descartes as the leading company in the routing and planning global market. Descartes has a great experience in applying routing and scheduling systems that include delivery, order fulfillment, and customer service.

  • Reducing Costs: Our solutions help companies reduce transportation costs related to driving time, mileage, route planning, and fleet management. Your company will be able to reduce expenses caused by extra time to complete the plans, reduce the required workforce to create routes and to assign duties, and reduce equipment costs as well, including fuel and maintenance..

  • Improving Performance / Customer Service: Our product portfolio, “Route Planner Roadshow, Route Planner On-Demand y Route Planner Enterprise”, offers a wider visibility and a greater control over transportation scheduling. The capabilities of these tools to provide quick solutions allows you to visualize the impact of any alteration in the fleet operational condition. Moreover, they let the user establish all kind of restrictions on daily operations, which could be customers, services, and drivers related in order to avoid the scheduling of wrong visits or the assignation of unsuitable routes to the users.