The automatized vehicle locator provides a quick report about the critical events that affect distribution. It provides real-time information about ongoing events and not only the visibility of arrivals to the distribution centers, allowing you to keep proper customer service expectations. It provides a web vision of the delivery status.



AVL & Mobile 

Our “AVL & Mobile” solution is a web App that improves the responsiveness to the customer through a robust functionality of alert management. It is a solution of pure visibility that provides the delivery schedules with a customer centered vision, eliminating the need for monitoring each aspect of the scheduling and allows the company to focus on the consequences of interrupting the service.


The benefits of AVL & Mobile include:

  • It establishes a bond between the users responsible for the service and those who handle the fleet’s assets
  • It expands the delivery status information to reach more support when responding the customer
  • It provides an estimation on arrival and departure time
  • It provides visibility to potential problems regarding service in order to find a previous solution, improving the control of delivery operations
  • Real-time status and monitoring of the routes