The use of the maximum load capacity of vehicles, control and monitoring carriers, and the effective management of the fleets are fundamental elements to balance the operational transportation costs with quality and punctuality when delivering.

SKU logistics offers solutions that will allow to achieve substantial improvements on the primary and secondary distribution.






Our solutions are designed to:

  • Optimize the transportation management through the “Transportation Management System” (TMS). This solution will let you make an effective fleets planning, with all kinds of carriers, so you can easily and quickly assess the cost of the different transportation options
  • Georeference of “SKU Geocoder" addresses. This Web App allows to capture the geographical coordinates to obtain the specific location of the delivery points in order to plan the routes
  • The routes schedule has become an essential tool for carriers and distributors that have to deliver and make multiple stops, which makes time a critical factor. “Route Planner Roadshow, Route Planner On-Demand y Route Planner Enterprise” help to optimize the routes in order to reduce the shipping time, plan routes more effectively, and solve irregularities in the routes
  • Optimize the vehicle’s load through the “SKU Truck Loader”. This solution analyses the vehicle’s load and optimizes the truck’s load to maximize the usage of the company’s assets
  • The real-time monitoring is vital to compare what is planned with what was made  “AVL & Mobile” provides the quick notification of the critical events that affect distribution, as well as real-time information about ongoing events