Transportation is one of the essential processes in strategic logistics, since it is usually the individual element with the highest logistics costs in most of the companies.

ind7The biggest challenge for transportation providers and logistics service is providing a unique service with a competitive price. Considering this, SKU Logistics offers a portfolio with specialized solutions to optimize the processes of the supply chain that are exclusive to the transportation market and logistics services. The range and depth of the capacities we can offer through our technologic platform make us the leaders in the market. We offer the following:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Fleet tracking
  • Route planning, delivery schedule, fleet management
  • Transportation management
  • Connectivity
  • Regulations


Our solutions to the industrial sector are:


The route planning should be accurately implemented to achieve an effective delivery route management and thus, customer satisfaction. Additionally, routes should be adapted to the changes in the real world. Through our soluciones “Route Planner Roadshow, Route Planner On-Demand y Route Planner Enterprisesolutions, you will plan delivery routes with optimal results that will be reflected by operational cost reduction and a  higher business profitability.

Nowadays, companies must be able to answer questions about the delivery status and complaints on previous failed orders. Our “AVL & Mobile” solution provides quick notifications about critical events that affect the distribution and offers real-time information about ongoing events, as well as a visibility of the vehicle arrival to the distribution centers.

A relevant factor for transportation providers is the optimization of the load. With “SKU Truck Loader” you will be able to plan, create, edit, print, and keep load plans for multiple products in different types of vehicles, avoiding empty spaces and waste of time.

Some of our clients in the industry:


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