Trends show that technology usage is an important factor that should start to be implemented by retailers in their business in order to become successful, profitable and to get reconnected to customers.



Our technologic platform and solutions for inventory flow control prove that we are on a cutting-edge era since we help retailers using the advantages of trade and logistic convergence.


Our solutions in the industrial sector are:


Our solution “Route Planner para Omni-Canal Retail” is unique for home delivery because it combines three important elements: Real-time optimization, a functional component that is extended during the delivery cycle, and an architecture that connects and synchronizes every internal and external part that integrates the delivery process.

Instead of an optimization per batch, our solution “Descartes Home Delivery” uses a real-time incremental optimization, allowing the use of optimizing techniques in the whole delivery process. Our solution helps retailers to provide appointment options with optimal deliveries during the order process, alongside with the service options desired by the customer.

Once appointments are taken, optimization continues, respecting commitments made to customers, looking for better routes until these are free to deliver in order to minimize costs. During execution days, our solution takes the day’s orders and assign them dynamically either to existing routes or new ones in order to satisfy customer´s deadlines and minimize costs.

Coordinating and scheduling appointments for different suppliers in platforms is another challenge faced by retailers nowadays. Through our solution “Dock Appointment Scheduling”, you will be able to speed up the assignment process at the warehouse doors through the distribution of responsibilities to schedule deliveries and dispatches for carriers, assuring that commercial allies of the supply chain are involved in the processes and that they have visibility on required appointments.

Using our tools, “Route Planner y Soluciones Móviles”, retailers can use home delivery as a competitive advantage and generate a higher performance performance by using one single solution.


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