Nowadays, distribution companies face great challenges every day delivering products in the right place and moment. Balancing the need to keep a high customer service level, managing cost pressures, and profit margins make such a task become a challenge for organizations, which becomes a competitive advantage.

For this reason, distributors should rely on technologic tools that improve their processes within the supply chains and improve the fleet with specialized solutions focused on distribution and transportation.

SKU Logistics through its solutions, helps to address the daily needs and challenges faced by distributors, easing the execution on their distribution operations.


With our range of solutions, your company can get:

Transportation Management System

Compliance with business norms and rules

Supply chain visibility

Real-time connectivity and messaging


Our solutions in the industrial sector are:


Our solutions “Roadshow Sales & Territory Planner” provides the necessary level of functionality to maximize the staff productivity in delivery, sales, pre-sales, and marketing, achieving a distribution on time, speeding up routes creation, evaluating different scenarios, reducing transportation costs, and optimizing your sales.

Planning and creation of dynamic routes in real time, taking into account business operation, constant evaluation regarding the use of resources and an increase in driver´s productivity, can be achieved with our tools “Route Planner Roadshow, Route Planner On-Demand y Route Planner Enterprise”; Additionally, with our solution “AVL & Mobile”, it is possible to compare what was planned with what was executed and to monitor and track in real time, which allows you to keep a direct communication with notifications about status in case of an incident.

In many occasions, the loading process is too complex and causes delays and unexpected events that affect the delivery schedule. In this regard, SKU Logistic´s solution “SKU Truck Loader”, analyzes loads in order to optimize the truck load and maximize the fleet usage, allowing to configure boxes correctly to avoid damages or deterioration of products.

Controlling and monitoring warehouse internal operations is another challenge for the distributor. Through our solutions “Highjump Warehouse Edge y Highjump 3PL WMS”, you will be able to automatize, speed up and monitor every warehouse internal process, achieving control on every single movement in and out the warehouse, from reception to delivery.

The main distributors across the world trust our solutions for supply chain management and to keep the necessary margins to become a growing successful business.


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