It is currently more common to outsource logistics through Logistics Operators (3PL) because of the fact that the business context is increasingly more dynamic and tedious. For this reason, trends show that tasks related to companie´s direct operations are fulfilled by third parties that have necessary equipment, personnel, and tools to offer customers an adequate and convenient service .


3PL industry’s environment is active and complex and it consists of multiple client operating in the same warehouse. Our solution “Highjump 3PL WMS” provides logistics operators with necessary tools to operate a profitable business, a great variety of Apps, facilities, workforce, and equipment.


Logistics operators can achieve the following through our Highjump 3PL WMS:

  • Provide a higher customer service level at the lowest cost possible
  • Reduce their labor costs and know each customer and employee’s contribution
  • Invoice and constantly track each movement, each contract, and every billable activity
  • Provide a foreseeable service with 100% customer satisfaction which could be unique for each customer
  • Control clients’ inventory with functionalities focused on warehouses

Additionally, with our products and services focused on distribution and transportation, we can provide tools for logistics operators in order to: Plan and optimize delivery routes with “Route Planner Roadshow, Route Planner On-Demand y Route Planner Enterprise”, optimize truckloads through “SKU Truck Loader”, and finally, compare what was planned with what was executed with “AVL & Mobile” a real-time tracking solution

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