Every day frozen or refrigerated products are more commonly in the hands of customers. For this reason, it is essential to assure that logistics regarding supply, warehousing, distribution, final delivery, and conservation of product work perfectly. Warehousing requirements are high when talking about controlled temperatures since the cold chain should be kept without interruptions, orders should be prepared as fast as possible, processes should be optimized and errors should be at a minimum rate.


Using Warehouse Management System (WMS) can facilitate warehouse operations, centralizing product movements, entry and departure dates, and all the necessary data to create a traceability fact sheet of products. Through our solution “Highjump 3PL WMS Congelados”, a total control on operations will be possible, assuring a higher visibility on product handling and an online access to customer´s inventory.


Through our solution “Highjump 3PL WMS Congelados”, you can get:


Accellos products have been providing solutions to refrigerated warehouses since 1989. AccellosOne Enterprise Congelados was originally designed for warehouses with multiple temperatures, becoming the leading provider in this sector.

“Highjump 3PL WMS Congelados” platform has been specifically designed for multiple customers with 3PL warehouse management operations with controlled temperatures, unlike other Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) that were built for distribution and have been redesigned for 3PL. Our solution was built by 3PL experts who really know how to manage the complexity of logistics operations.

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