Logistics operators play an important role in the logistics industry since they are companies that support transportation and load management from departure points to delivery points. These companies have evolved adapted to global market requirements, achieving a success thanks to their capability to offer every service related to supply chain in an integrated way. The great variety of services offered by a 3PL satisfies customer’s requirements and needs for a well-functioning in their operations.



For the 3PL industry, our solutions on warehouse management provide a flexible Warehouse Management System for its users, allowing companies to operate in a dynamic environment to improve precision, productivity, and efficiency inside the warehouse.


Our solutions in the industrial sector:


Our solutions “Highjump 3PL WMS y Highjump 3PL WMS Congelados” offer multiple alternatives to facilitate information flow in and outside your warehouse in real time. These solutions provide different automation levels that go from radio frequency data transmission to incoming and outgoing operation management in paper. These support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI/B2B) and NO-EDI Transactions as well. Additionally, there are different automation levels that could coexist and operate simultaneously in one warehouse.

The great variety of services offered by a 3PL to satisfy customer requirements regarding their respective operation functioning is one of the main characteristics of this market, which is highly competitive and is in a constant growth.