SKU Logistics provides consultancy services to assess and study the internal performance of your warehouse, analyzing the different processes involved in order to guarantee an excellent service and the improvement of your business profitability and performance.



Warehouse management is one of the most important activities for the supply chain well-functioning. Its main purpose is the optimization of the processes in different stages regarding the supply and physical distribution of products.


Our services are focused on:


Analyzing the warehouse’s internal performance

  • Analyzing the processes regarding reception, storage, picking, and delivery
  • Improving the service quality
  • Optimizing spaces and resources

Studying operative outsourcing

  • Diagnosing the current process flow
  • Defining and quantifying improvements
  • Proposing a routing methodology
  • Proposing an action plan

Assessing the load management

  • Optimizing the fleet’s capacity
  • Improving the service levels
  • Reducing operational costs