SKU Logistics
provides consultancy services that will let you assess and study internal operations, delivery process management, and handling of merchandise.




Logistics plays an important role in retail companies since the availability of products in sales spaces depends on the efficiency of the processes within a company. Nowadays, the new ways of purchasing increase the complexity of some operational processes and demand their improvement in order to meet the customer needs.

The last trends of the omnichannel model observed in retailing have caused a stock reduction; thus, requirements for warehousing and contracting distribution centers have reduced while transportation and distribution needs have increased.


Our services are focused on:


Assessing the omnichannel operations

  • Planning incremental routing in real time
  • Administrating orders in different channels
  • Improving the purchasing experience

Scheduling appointments with suppliers

  • Planning appointments
  • Controlling the fulfillment of visits
  • Measuring the service level
  • Improving the workflow display

Assessing warehouses

  • Assessing the processes regarding reception, supply, and delivery
  • Defining and proposing improvements
  • Action plan

Analyzing the distribution management

  • Diagnosing the supplying processes
  • Proposing delivery strategies
  • Improving load capacity and time