SKU Logistics provides consultancy services focused on consumer goods operation companies, which allow you to study and assess your company’s supply chain including several stages, such as the supply, the distribution centers and the distribution.




The logistics and transportation operation in consumer goods companies is one of the areas in which efficiency and perfection translate into a higher productivity and business profitability. Analyzing and optimizing the supply chain processes are the essential objectives of any company’s management.


Our services are focused on:


Assessing the supply chain

  • Diagnosing the processes
  • Defining and quantifying improvements
  • Proposing an action plan

Distribution center planning

  • Planning strategic location for DC’s
  • Proposing an optimal number of DC’s
  • Suggesting internal DC’s layouts
  • Defining the flow of the DC’s internal processes

Warehouse Study

  • Assessing processes regarding reception, storage, picking, and delivery
  • Improving service levels
  • Optimizing spaces and resources
  • Analyzing operative outsourcing

Distributing network and sales analysis

  • Analyzing distribution network efficiency
  • Assessing load management
  • Proposing delivery routes
  • Suggesting sales routes and territories