SKU Logistics provides specialized consultancy services that will facilitate your decision-making to choose an effective and optimal distribution system.





Distribution is one of the most relevant functions of the supply chain because it allows the user to get the product in the right time and place, as well as the adequate amounts.

The transportation management is the single element with the highest rate of logistics costs in most of the companies. For this reason, it is vital to assess and study related processes, analyzing the benefits of the strategic alliances, costs, delivery speed, efficiency, security, accuracy, and customer service.



Our services are focused on:


Load management assessment

  • Optimizing the fleet’s capacity
  • Improving the service levels
  • Reducing operational costs

Delivery process setting

  • Studying delivery activities
  • Organizing the workflow
  • Proposing routing methodology
  • Assessing the fulfillment of processes

Operative outsourcing study

  • Diagnosing the current process flow
  • Defining and quantifying improvements
  • Proposing action plans